Sorry it’s taken a while to double check the outcome, but the long and short is that airsoft was victorious in the European Parliament vote, they decided not to class replica firearms as firearms. Victory! Id say this is the most important legal and political event in the history of airsoft, and our community did it together. Against the odds we turned the tide decisively, and turned opinion in favour of our brilliant hobby. Please read through fully the post below from Mr. Dekkers, President of the EAA, and please share with your friends and on airsoft pages. We aren’t totally safe yet and don’t forget UK airsoft also has unrelated problems in the form of the policing and crime bill.

Real firearms users could still be getting a bum deal from an amended firearms directive, even with the concessions that have been agreed, as the measures in the original proposal were so extreme and unreasonable.

Matt Furey-King, Chair UK Airsoft Players Union