What is UKAPU?

UK Airsoft Players Union is the non profit, democratic, voluntary association run for airsoft players who want to protect the future of airsoft. By becoming part of this united and official organisation players can engage in discussion with the government, the press and others when airsoft skirmishing comes under threat. If you play airsoft then please become part of UKAPU, if you haven’t already. It’s free to join and we can only carry on our work if we have support from people like you.

What is Airsoft?

If you want to start playing Airsoft and have questions about things like equipment, the law or how to join games then please click on our comprehensive ‘Beginners Guide to UK Airsoft’.

Airsoft skirmishing is a high intensity sport which simulates real firefights. It is played with replica firearms which fire plastic BBs. These safe, legal and organised games are enjoyed by over 60,000 men and women of all ages at hundreds of playing sites throughout the country (and all over the world). It is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the UK and it is surprisingly cheap to play. Airsoft is also used in practical shooting competitions. Replica Imitation Firearms may only be purchased by airsoft players who are registered members of an airsoft site. Viscous campaigns run by people with vested interest often try to trample on our right to enjoy our harmless games but our delightful community and the positives that we draw from this brilliant hobby make airsoft worth fighting for. But make no mistake, influential people want to see airsoft banned and we’ve fought back against those people on many occasion. In some other countries you will find that they did not get organised ahead of the crisis and as a result they lost airsoft or had unnecessary and crippling restrictions placed on them. Let’s not let that happen in our great country.

If you have any further questions then please join our Facebook group, message our Facebook page or via the contacts page. If you have media enquiries about the airsoft hobby or UKAPU then please fill out the contact form and we’ll put you in touch with our Press Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and their answers. Click here if you have questions about how UKAPU is run or why it exists.

UKAPU Official Documents

Click here to view the regulations that have been set to regulate UKAPU, including the code of conduct and, most importantly, the constitution.

UKAPU Minutes

This section contains all the minutes from UKAPU meetings, including annual general meetings and management meetings. Includes our annual financial reports. UKAPU is open, transparent and honest.

How to Join

This section deals with how to join and become a part of UKAPU.

Leadership Biographies

Biographies of all the people involved in running UKAPU. Get to know the committee spearheading the defence of our sport on behalf of the airsoft players.