Member Benefits

There are lots of good reasons why you should join UKAPU and benefit from being a member.

It’s 100% FREE!

We have 3 different membership levels that range from completely FREE to just £5 or £10 per year.

Preservation of UK airsoft

The most important benefit of joining UKAPU is that as a player you are helping to protect and promote your hobby. UKAPU has worked tirelessly to protect UK airsoft form various attempts to ban or overly restrict airsoft by the government and police.

Legal help

UKAPU has already helped several UK airsofters with legal problems ether from the police or UK Border force, everything from confiscated airsoft kit to wrongful arrest. If it’s to do with airsoft and you haven’t done anything wrong, we will do everything in our power to assist in and/or resolve the situation.

Member only games

UKAPU holds member only games these are spread out across the country and usually involve booking the whole site as a private booking. Giving the opportunity for you to meet (and shoot) the UKAPU committee and voice your opinions.

Regional Representation

All of the committee are active airsofters in their own community and every region of the country has a specific representative meaning that you should be able to find one of us if you need us alternatively contact us on our Facebook page and we will get back to you.


We are currently in negotiations with several airsoft retailers and sites arranging a discount exclusively for UKAPU members. Check back soon!