Welcome to UKAPU

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Welcome to the website of the United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU), the non profit, democratic, voluntary association run for players who want to stand up for airsoft skirmishing. By becoming part of this united and official organisation players can effectively engage in discussion with the government, other organisations and the press when airsoft skirmishing comes under threat, so if you are not a member then please consider signing up. We can only carry on our work with your continued support.

In short, Airsoft skirmishing is a simulated combat sport played with replica firearms which fire plastic BBs. These safe, legal, organised and controlled war games are enjoyed by over 60,000 men and women of all ages at hundreds of playing sites throughout the country.

It is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the UK and it is surprisingly cheap to play. Realistic imitation firearms may only be purchased by skirmishers who have a valid defence to do so. Intense campaigns run by people with vested interest often try to trample on our right to enjoy our harmless games but our delightful community and the positives that we draw from this brilliant sport make Airsoft worth fighting for.