This section contains links to the various resources that are of interest to UKAPU members, including Home office minutes, the minutes of the UKAPU meetings, recruitment packs, the logos and banners publicly available for reproduction and advice articles on what to do if you feel that you are in need of advice.

Airsoft Legal Links

This section contains legal documents and advice pertaining to the use, modification, purchase and sale of airsoft replicas. This information is normally dispersed over a wide range of government websites and in some cases not normally made available for public viewing so we have collected it here for your convenience.

Logos, Flyers and Banners

This section contains the various banners and logos which you can use to raise awareness of UKAPU. These are released under the general commons licence.

Home Office Minutes

This section contains all the minutes from relevant Home Office meetings relating to airsoft, these are collected here in their entirety for UKAPU members and non members to browse.

EAA Minutes

This page is where we upload any minutes taken at European Airsoft Association Minutes, of which UKAPU is a member.

Advice Articles

This section deals with articles that are useful to the every day airsofter, such as general advice on transportation, use and legal advice.