Airsoft and Aeroplanes

We at Team UKAPU often get messages enquiring about whether or not airsoft replicas are allowed on an aeroplane – and sadly, it’s asked at a point where one cannot get a refund.

Use this page at your own risk, it’s for reference but in no manner definitive. Please perform your own research, using this document as a guide – and contacting your prospective carrier as required, before you determine whether or not your carrier allows you to transport IFs/RIFs.

Airline Airsoft Allowed Link to T&C Notes Additional fees Form needed
easyJet YES View Documentation is confusing, suggests that imitation firearms are allowed on board as “sporting equipment” yet sporting equipment page does not mention IFs/RIFs. Call centre staff state that IFs/RIFs are allowed in the hold Sport equipment fee per firearm per flight Firearms declaration form
Flybe MAYBE View Firearms not permitted by flights run by Stobart Air or fly be flights into London No mention of fees Firearms declaration form
VirginAtlantic YES View Firearms – and therefore presumably imitation replicas are allowed, however the website is unclear on how to obtain permission. Therefore, contact the airline with plenty of time before travel. N/A Pre-booking/permission required
British Airways YES View £125 each way Contact airline for more information
Jet2 NO View N/A N/A
KLM YES View No mention Declaration for transportation of arms and ammunition
Air France YES View Included in baggage-allowance Written authorisation from customer service department
Brussels Airlines NO View Airline accepts carriage of firearms, except to/from the UK N/A N/A
Isle of Scilly Skybus YES View require the airline’s approval prior to flying, and are subject to further limitations and requirements Not mentioned Pre-booking/ permission required
Aurigny YES View When carriage is permitted, the gun must be packed in its own lockable hard casing. (This must be locked). Per RIF Pre-booking/permission required
Aerlingus YES View £40 on all RIFS per flight Not mentioned
Loganair YES View No notes specifically targeting realistic imitation firearms, but if actual firearms are allowed on the hold, then imitations should be allowed also. There is a fixed charge of £10 per sector for the carriage of sporting guns Not mentioned
Ryanair NO View N/A N/A
Airtask MAYBE View Depending on services Not mentioned Pre-booking/permission required
Scandinavian Airlines YES View No notes specifically targeting realistic imitation firearms, but there exists positive third party reports Not mentioned Not mentioned
TUI YES View Pre-booking/permission required (telephone or online) Not mentioned Phone/online depending on service

Former entries

Airline Airsoft Allowed Link to T&C Notes Additional fees Form needed
Thomas Cook Airlines YES View Up to three firearms in one case (max dimensions: 200 cm length x 40 cm width x 80 cm height) Firearms of up to 20 kg in weight (treated as excess baggage thereafter) £40, £45, £60 Pre-booking required
Flybmi YES View Firearms can be carried free of charge if weight is within the baggage allowance permitted (23kg Sale, Classic, and ClassicPlus and 40kg for Executive fares). Anything weighing over the permitted baggage allowance will be charged at a flat rate of £50 (or local currency equivalent) per passenger per sector. Previously mentioned in notes Not mentioned