It’s Saturday! We know that some players are currently out playing the sport we love, and some others are currently preparing for a Sunday of BB heaven.

Earlier this week we asked the community to come together and provide us with information and questions that we could take to Lyn Brown, who is currently one of the largest threats to Airsoft in the UK.

We here at UKAPU would just like to thank the entire community for all their contributions and questions. There are so many that we can’t wait to take all this information to Lyn Brown and use it to better inform her about Airsoft. We are hoping that when she finally agrees to set a date for our meeting, we can either video record it or in the very least, record an audio version of the interview.

We may ask for a few more hands during the interview as we know there are players from all walks of life and if anyone has video equipment, we would love for you to get involved.

Don’t forget, sign up for membership on the UKAPU website, as the more numbers we have, the more details we have to take to Lyn Brown.

Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share our posts! Let’s keep this going until we save Airsoft in the UK. We love our sport and we need to keep pushing to protect it.

Will Nowell

Press Office UKAPU