We are pleased to announce that our website is live again. We know that it had seen better days but now thanks to the fantastic work from our volunteers, the website looks better than ever.

Website link – http://www.ukapu.org.uk/

Included in our new website redesign, we have updated our membership system! This is the most exciting part as we have designed three different levels of membership: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

We encourage everyone to visit the website and sign up for membership, it gives us a solid foundation to approach government officials with accurate details on the number of Airsoft players there are in the United Kingdom.

Membership benefits will be announced very soon, we are just finalising some details with retailers and sites around the country.

Thanks to everyone who signs up, we are here to represent you when Airsoft is placed in danger. We will continue to argue and fight for Airsoft in the UK. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share.

William Nowell

Press Officer – UKAPU