Urgent Vacancies

As you might know already I’m looking to move on from the Chairman’s position. Its been worthwhile and interesting but I’ve been at it for too long and need to concentrate other things in my life. As such, I’m aiming to stand for Chairman again at the coming AGM, but recruit a vice-chairman who can take over from me later in the year. I’ve learnt that putting someone new into the Chairman’s position with no lead in isn’t viable, so this way we’d be able to do a staged handover. Chairman is a big job, and you need drive, resilience, as well as good planning and communication skills. But I do recommend it, you’ll learn allot, find it very interesting, and operate at the heart of UK airsoft.

The other position I want to highlight is that of Scotland rep. We are in dire need of someone to monitor and engage with the Scottish parliament and keep the Scottish members and the committee updated.

Although the situation is fairly static at the moment, an Northern Ireland Rep would be very useful too, as they also have a devolved parliament and specific laws.

Please PM the page if you are interested.