Due to the progress of the PCB 2015/16 we’ve decided to step up the pace of reform. As such we are holding an AGM, via Skype, on the evening of Monday the 29th Feb. All UK players are welcome to join in. Joining instructions to follow.

The new membership system will not be running by then (although, those wheels are in motion), so if you are not already a UKAPU member we will add you to the membership on that evening. That way everyone gets a opportunity to vote on association matters.

The most crucial thing we need is a set of volunteers to staff the new committee. Please PM the page if you are interested, and we can discuss what positions we have available (although every player has the right to stand for any position, we need to know ahead of time so we can organise a ballot if necessary). Apologies if you have volunteered in the past and we’ve not taken you up, could really use you help if you are still keen.

Please try and get the word out that we are looking for people, and consider volunteering with a friend, it seems to work quite well if some committee members know each other and have already worked together.

We’ll probably get together and have an association management meeting in the Midlands in the coming months, but right now I need to present the association as fully manned and elected. Exciting times ahead! We’ll be forging new relationships and working with the government to shape new laws and the future of British airsoft. In the UK we’ve got associations to give us a voice and we’re getting protection for airsoft written into law. In a number of US states, they are not organised and represented, as such nobody listens to them as individuals, and airsoft is being wiped out. Hell of a difference.

Matt Furey-King, Chairman UKAPU