💥 Important AGM Announcement 💥

And no, the announcement isn’t that I’ve started to over-use emojis to grab your attention, but more that UKAPU will soon be holding its Annual General Meeting.

Got any questions you’d like to pose to us? Perhaps you have an idea you’d like to put forward, or you want to help shape Airsoft – heck, maybe you’re just wanting a day out skirmishing in a former jail (prison garments not included) – then come on down to The Gaol Events in Oakham for about 9am on the 13th of January.

(so, one month and 7 hours or so away!!)

This is for members only, but, there is nothing stopping you from joining UKAPU for FREE now (or later, still for free, unless you do wish to donate to an absolutely worthy cause) via https://www.ukapu.org.uk/join/

If you’re planning on coming across, feel free to let us know!

~ David