Good Evening.

As I imagine many of the community are already aware, Contact Front Airsoft in Dorset were broken into, and a large number of RIF’s and other airsoft equipment have stolen. There has recently been a spate of such thefts from sites and retailers around the UK, this of course harms not only the businesses that suffer these thefts, but also the wider airsoft sport.

Please be vigilant for any unusually cheap airsoft gear, a breakdown of what was stolen is below:

-35 G36 rifles

– 5 mp5s

– 1 x 66mm LAW

– 1 replica GPMG

– 30 bags of ammunition

– Ammo tins containing mk5s, Smokes and frags.

– A number of black tac vests and DPM chest rigs.

Keep your eyes and ears open, lets try and see those responsible brought to justice, and with a bit of luck, the stolen goods returned.

Tim- Vice Chair