Hi All,

Well, they say management is all about recruitment and it is as true in the role of chairman as it was when I was a National Sales Manager! as such we are seeking members willing to donate time and effort to the following roles:


Web admin

both roles are vital to the smooth running of the association and require that time is dedicated to the positions. I won’t lie to you; at times they will be quite demanding and need some serious attention so please think long and hard if you want to do it.

For the registrar you will be responsible for maintaining the membership database, issuing the membership packs and dealing with enquiries from new, expired or potential members. THIS CAN TAKE UP LOTS OF TIME although we are working on streamlining the process based on feedback from the outgoing registrar and from members themselves.

The web Admin role will need to be filled by someone with experience both in web design and database management and all the magical stuff that goes with it. experience of wordpress would also be a bonus as thats what we use. we have several updates to carry out and also a server migration which the new incumbent would have to manage and drive forward.

if you’re still interested then let me know at chair@ukapu.org.uk

Thanks folks