Hi All,

I’m sure you are all gearing up for the bearded one to bring you tons of airsoft goodness next week; I’m assuming that the Mayans got it wrong at this point as Im still here stuck infront of the computer.

Just to let you all know that we agreed a few dramatic changes to the way membership will be offered moving forwards.

Firstly, anyone signing up now either online or in person can sign to self certify that they are a skirmisher. We decided that as we do not wish to be an alternative scheme to enable the purchasing of RIF’s and the verification process could take quite a while; as some of you can attest to, for which I apologise, the self certification route is by far the best and most streamlined approach.

It is important to remember that UKAPU is still an organisation for skirmishers, that hasn’t changed and this shift does not take away from that at all.

We hope that this will help win back those people who may have been deterred in the past.

If anyone has any questions about their membership, whether it being new or a renewal please email membership@ukapu.org.uk

The second change over will be to offer a rolling renewal so you never have to worry about your membership lapsing. This won’t be an immediate change but one we will phase in overtime.

Thanks All. I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and a very happy and prosperous new year.