we have recently received a number of emails and comments from members about some shady practises from some retailers, some of which have had a bad press for a long time too! so I wanted to just post up a few tips to members and any new airsofters out there who might end up getting duped.

Cheaper isn’t always best – check around, use the numerous airsoft forums as well as our own and ask questions. If you think a deals sounds to good to be true and you don’t recognise the retailer then walk away! what you think is a good upfront saving might well cost you dearly in the long run.

buy from the well known reputable retailers – there’s a huge number of retailers both online and with physical premises these days so find one either nearby or handy for you thats known to others shouldnt prove too difficult.

Ask – speak to other players from local sites and see where they buy kit and guns. Their recommendations can save you hassles in the long run.

don’t forget your rights – if buying anything try to use a credit card so it gives you added protection over and above your consumer rights. If you do get stung but used a credit card they will do a charge back (you will need to check with your individual company for their terms regarding this).

Shop wise folks!