Whilst the AGM was very productive; we do desperately need a couple if committee positions filling as a matter of some urgency so I ask you our members to see if you can dedicate a few hours a month to help the association to continue to grow and flourish.

We need:


This committee post is integral to the smooth running of the association. You will be required to work closely with all committee members but mainly the treasurer and chairman to ensure all memberships are processed in a timely fashion, the database is updated accordingly, members are notified in due course of important events such as the AGM and renewal dates. You would be needed to take part in a once a month Skype meeting with the committee and management members In a nutshell that’s it. With the changes to the sign up procedures I would envisage this would only require maybe 2 hours a week to keep on top of things.

Press officer

As the title suggests, this role will involve being the main conduit for information both from UKAPU to the media and various forums but also back to the committee. You will need to ensure articles are submitted to the various magazines in time for their deadlines in line with the press policies we have and the associations constitution. You will be the first point of contact for any media enquiries, again, in line with press policies.
A fundamental component of the role will be the online media such as Facebook, twitter, the various forums and news portals and our own dedicated forums.
Again, participation in the monthly Skype meetings is a prerequisite. Time wise, it depends how active you are within the community but it may be more time intensive than other positions. You’ll also need thick skin as you will be the public face of UKAPU and not everyone will be friendly! Saying that it can be a very rewarding and pleasurable job and give you an opportunity to see airsoft from another POV whilst forging good links and relationships.

Discounts Manager

This co-opted manager is solely responsible for contacting interested parties and negotiating things such as discounts at shops for our members.

Could all interested parties email me a brief bio, what they want to do for UKAPU and why and full contact details to chair@ukapu.org.uk

Phil Bucknall, Chairman