UKAPU is in dire need of a Scotland Representative. They would be responsible for recruiting and engaging with Scottish players and engaging with the Scottish government, especially in light of the upcoming legislation (Airgun Act). We have people on hand to give you support and advice about the political situation. The whole airsoft and firearms world is looking at us to see what happens when Airguns are licensed, so we need to ensure we have input and get feedback on this and future issues.

Applicants will need to be self motivated, confident, passionate about airsoft, behave professionally and able to dedicate time to the situation. We have our hands full and will not be able to hold your hand or tell you every action you need to take, you need to be able to gather the required information and allies and run with it! I’m Aberdeen based myself so will be on hand to help out the appointed candidate.

Please drop us a PM if you are interested in taking this committee position on. Please share this post with your friends and also on Scottish airsoft pages.

Matt Furey-King, Chair UKAPU