I though it would be nice if you could put some faces to the people who are fighting your corner, so here’s a photo we took after the Home Office meeting.

On the far left is myself, I’ve been playing airsoft for about 20 years. I’m into hardcore milsim and have built a technical for use in the bigger games. Often play overseas, I occasionaly stick stuff on my youtube channel (Claymore Airsoft TV). Was in the army for 7 years and did op tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. I was the first Chair of UKAPU and stepped down 3 years ago. Decided to get involved again last year to help us get through the current crisis. Born in Bristol, currently reside in Aberdeen and for a living I’m an aircraft engineer.

To my right is Tim Wyborn, Chair of the new ATB (Airsoft Trade Body). Tim headed up the Association of British Airsoft, the group that won the airsoft specific defence for us in 2006/2007. So without them we’d all be forced to buy two tones (or, in all likelyhood, airsoft would barely exist today under that constraint). Tim has run Xsite Airsoft in Wycombe for many years. Tim is a keen player too and is all about practical airsoft shooting these days. Like myself Tim was hoping to move away from airsoft politics but needs must!

Second from right is Frank Bothamly, Chair of UKARA. As you know UKARA was also involved in the fight against the VCRA and they run a site membership database which is the only one that’s ever been succesful. I’ve only met him a couple of times but Frank runs one of the biggest UK retailers, Firesupport in Peterborough, and is involved in running sites too.

And on the far right is UKAPU Treasurer James ‘Yams’ Williams, Farmer from rural Herefordshire. I’ve been airsofting with Yams since the mid 90’s, he use to run Spectre Wargames and was Secretary of UKASGB during the VCRA fight, and is UKAPUs longest serving committee member. Yams also runs a technical truck and is very keen on the roleplay aspect of milsim games, he plays overseas more than anyone I know of, mostly in Czech republic.

Not pictured (as he had to shoot off straight after the meeting) is Adrian Whiting, ex Deputy Chief Constable. Adrian has been brought in to assist us by UKARA and he is an extremely valiable part of the team. Adrian is a keen shooter and has chaired several government firearms committees. He owns a few AEGs too!

So as you can see just a few regular airsoft people who have stepped forward to protect their much loved pasttime (and also their source of income in the case of Tim and Frank).

Matt Furey-King, Chairman