Tomorrow morning we will be meeting with the Home Office to discuss the Police and Crime Bill. We will be bringing your concerns forward in relation to 8mm replicas being discluded from the definition of airsoft, airsoft replicas being defined as ‘only’ being able to fire plastic ammunition, readily convertible definitions and the issue of automatic replicas being defined as section 5 firearms (5 year prison sentence for the owner) if they creep over 1.3J.

The meeting was convened by the Home Office and they have invited UKAPU, UKARA and ATB as stakeholders. ATB is one you have likely not heard of. The Airsoft Trade Body was formed only a few weeks ago by a collective of retailers and sites in order to get representation. They have been in contact with UKAPU from square one, and are democratic and open. They haven’t had chance to put a website together but will do soon, so you will be able to find out about them on UKAPU is really looking forward to working with them.

The Police and Crime Bill has had its second reading and is now moving to the committee stage. There is still ample opportunity for amendments.

Matt Furey-King, Chairman