UKAPU update.

I’ve handed over the Presidency of the European Airsoft Association, which will allow me to put more attention into (amongst other things) getting UKAPU spruced up. Unfortunately when things went upside down with the EU firearms proposal at the end of last year, I didn’t have time to look at UKAPU at all. As soon as I handed over I was away for a month. So the schedule has slipped from what I promised, sorry about that.

Website/membership system wise I sat down with a few designers, and the quotes I got back would have more or less emptied the UKAPU coffers. But a knight in shining armour has stepped forward and volunteered to sort it out, cost to the association will be minimal and he’s shown me some really good options for a new membership system. So the ball is definately rolling there.

I would like to bring in a new committee soon, we’ve had some very keen volunteers, however I’m going to hold off doing so untill there’s a membership system back in place. I think one of the reasons the previous administration struggled was because the tools they needed to utilise were hard to work with or just broken. But it shouldn’t be long now. FYI James Williams is still serving as treasurer and has always kept tabs on the bank account, PayPal and cash box, and I’m collecting up association property from various ex committee members. We’ll likely hold a mid year AGM.

I’ve sent a follow up letter to the home office in reference to the reform of English/Welsh firearms law, as I’ve heard nothing from that end for a while.

I’ve also just been back in touch with Vicky Ford MEP in reference to the EU firearms proposal.

Finally, we are in need of a Scotland rep, as I’m not clued up about the current situation up here with the new air rifle legislation and how it may tie up with the England/Wales fireams law (if at all). I’m concerned that Scottish UKAPU members may not be getting acceptable representation with the Scottish authorities. I live up I Aberdeen and don’t feel like I’m in the loop as a player, personally.

Thanks for the ongoing support,

Matt Furey-King, Chairman