Here’s the big one gents, which was always on the horizon, as many of us have been saying for years. In truth UKAPU is in an absolute state right now but as a member I’ll try and see that the organisation gets an official response sent in, and run it by members first if that’s possible.

In layman’s terms I’d say we’re likely looking at a 1 joule hard energy limit coming in for English and Welsh ‘airsoft’ rather than the vague recommendations we have at the moment. The clarity will be welcomed by some players, if not the low limit. Scotland will have its own legislation soon and NI already has a 1j limit.

I really hope that the Airsoft community doesn’t stand on past form and overwhelm the consultation with responses which are poorly reserched, badly worded and angry. Remember we’ve got to win them over. I just wish we had the tools in place of strong, legitimate airsoft associations. They make a huge difference but need to be in place and hard at work before the bomb drops, not as a reaction. Look to paintball as an example of how strong democratic associations can have a massive influence on law and policy (and how the strong commercial associations arguably moved the game away from what the players wanted it to be).

Matt Furey-King, Member