An important notice from Phil, all members please take the time to read this through. Thanks. Josh

Following on from recent events and our AGM back in December there have been a number of developments that we need to bring to the memberships attention.

The first one is that as of the end of February, I will be stepping down as chairman due to increasing work commitments in the real world! Whilst this is obviously significant it does not mean that UKAPU is no more BUT it means that we as a committee need more members to step up, grab the horse by the reigns and steer it onwards and upwards.

This is a battle cry in effect to mobilise the hundreds of members we have to see if any of you are willing to step up and shoulder the responsibility of chairing the association. Perhaps if you don’t fancy that role you could fill any if the other positions.

I make no bones about it. Sometimes it is bloody hard, thankless work but we believe that UKAPU has made a difference and continue to do so if people are willing to get involved.

Without member involvement then quite frankly UKAPU will have no choice but to shut its doors, as what would be the point? A membership that doesn’t want to form a committee is worse than no association. So I urge you. If you are driven, passionate about our wonderful hobby and a member with no commercial ties to the Airsoft industry then maybe you could be responsible for helping UKAPU grow over the next few years and take it to exciting new places.

Please think long and hard. If you want to this; please be sure. Feel free to discuss it with us via email or phone (number on request) to settle any doubts and to answer any questions.

This is YOUR association. Make it what YOU want of it and see it succeed and grow.



Outgoing Chairman