Unsurprisingly we at UKAPU have been often aasked about our opinions of when it will be safe to properly resume skirmishing again – and in the couple of notices that we’ve issued previously we’ve given our negative stance – but not necessarily gone into detail as to our reasoning.

I’ve been making notes of changes in legislation – however not guidance, as guidance itself doesn’t create or modify legislation. Just potentially influencing opinion instead.

Therefore I’ll be hopefully be updating this notice when changes happen – and during the weekend publish my opinions for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At present it isn’t worth publishing a notice for Wales as the regulations are still rather strict, and could easily be summed up in as little as two words.

We’ve also given a rough estimate of a date of when committee members think that we would be comfortable skirmishing again – this is a date that has been mentioned internally in our committee, is truthfully a guess and is likely to change without rhyme nor reason at a moment’s notice.

Anyhow, here’s the notice for England.

Regulations in England