We’ve had a few of our members contact us to ask for advice regarding the latest set of advice and guidance issued by the UK Government to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, and how this relates to any possible resumption of airsoft games.

Despite the campaign somewhat (but not wholly) changing from “stay at home” to “stay alert”, the basic premise of the Government’s advice is still one of “stay at home”.

For example, the previous advice given out by HMG placing restrictions on the amount of exercise were, within England, essentially verbiage as the legislation in place didn’t cover this – and therefore was basically already unlimited exercise anyhow.

So, the advice really hasn’t changed.

Airsoft is a particularly physical game and it would be an almost impossible challenge to keep 2 metres apart in indoor venues, especially as most indoor venues are designed for close quarters combat.

Outdoor environments are in theory less of a transmission risk as skirmishers are more likely to be spread out, however due to the risk of injury to a skirmisher that may be present (and therefore what is really avoidable contact with first aiders) – we’d like our members to think of outdoors and indoor venues as one and the same.

I’d likely expect things to get back up and running once other shared indoor spaces such as badminton courts are open back up to the public, however this is wholly the opinion of the committee, and not one of site operators – who ultimately are the people who are responsible for choosing when to restart.

~ David, UKAPU Chairman