I’ve just seen another post online which is suggesting that a couple of people seem to be *continuing* playing Airsoft – at sites that are closed for business, no less.

I don’t have any interest in confirming what might have happened but what I’ll do, for the benefit of those in our community who don’t know, is explain the two reasons why this is a bad thing.

Firstly, almost all airsoft replicas fit into either the classification of “imitation firearm” or “realistic imitation firearm”. If one is on land without permission, with any of those things with you – this is called Armed Trespass and if caught, could lead to a criminal record.

Secondly, you need a good reason to have RIFs in your car – and I don’t particularly think going to unlawfully play airsoft would count as a good reason to have kit in your car. Even more so as the police are practicing rather a heavy handed approach to vehicles that are already on the road.

~ David