I’ve been keeping tabs over that last couple of weeks regarding site closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic and although I’ve been ever so slightly saddened by the delay it’s taken some sites to realise that now is not particularly the best time to have our skirmishes, I’m glad that most sites, hopefully tending to all, are seeing just how serious this business has turned out to be – and are calling a temporary ceasefire on proceedings.

But, as someone who is taking part in responsible social distancing – actions which sadly includes not going skirmishing, it is ever present to me that this will mess with our heads. Not being with family, not being with friends, you get the idea.

Basically what I’m trying to say is keep in touch with folk. Give them a text or whatever. Airsoft is an escape for some people and now it’s your turn to do your part.

~ David

UKAPU chairman