We’re currently in the process of getting all the post-AGM documentation sorted out and ready for publication – along with an updated biography page featuring our new committee members – we’ll let you know when those are ready.

Therefore I thought it’d probably be a good idea to announce who won our raffle prize.

A delightful chap called Tom.

I found it a bit awkward when Tom was announced as the winner of our 10th Birthday prize – particularly as I drove him (and his prize) to the AGM and then promptly drove both of them back, much to my disappointment.

But, I guess it’s kinda fitting really – partly because he was telling me the night before that he hadn’t won anything (apart from the usual £50 single shot springer shotgun), but more because if it wasn’t for him and his brother – I probably wouldn’t be playing Airsoft today.

~ David

UKAPU Chairman (and informal taxi driver)