Dear members – or what may be accurate, ex-members:

A mailshot will be sent out later on this afternoon to select people explaining that as we are unsure on whether or not these people with “expired” memberships wish to remain a non-fee paying member of UKAPU, we have decided to take a pragmatic approach to this and will soon be removing their data from our membership books.

“Expired” meaning “renew functionality” not turned on within our management system. Whoops.

Anyhow, if you receive an e-mail similar to this – and you do not wish to remain a valued member of UKAPU by means of not resubscribing or doing nothing, we will do the needful.

If you do wish to resume being a member of UKAPU (which we very much hope is the case!) then follow the links in the e-mail (or look below) to start the membership process. It’s free!


David Weston

UKAPU Chairman