Hello UKAPU members!

Due to ever increasing demands on his time, Matt Furey-King is looking to find a suitable person to replace him as the airsoft representative for Firearms UK.

The Firearms UK team are a great bunch of people and you will be contributing to a cause that is beneficial to both airsoft and shooting.

If you are interested then please either message us via our Facebook page, comment below or message Firearms UK directly.

See below for more information from Matt…

“I’m currently a part of Firearms UK as their ‘airsoft guy’. Firearms UK are a grass roots firearms ownership advocacy group, that are using social media and engaging with shooters in a way which the big shooting organisations have failed to do. It’s really valuable work.

Unfortunately I have so many other projects going on, and am still burnt out by the previous 2 years of political drama, so I need to find a replacement.

What they mostly need is someone who can write articles for them, attend shows with them, and generally help build the organisation. Also it would be extremely valuable for someone to serve as another link between airsoft and firearms.

If we can’t stay united as one community, and stand up for each other, then there’s a much greater chance of either groups of sportsmen being picked off in the future.

Please post below or PM me (or Firearms UK) if you are interested”