❄️ A chilling effect for Airsofters on social media? ❄️

We at UKAPU have been informed that an airsoft skirmisher had been arrested because someone had made a complaint about a photograph which was of this person – along with a RIF he was holding.

Now, we can’t comment too much on this case yet as the case may still be on-going (and details are sparse) – however, I feel that there are strong similarities with the very unfortunate (and interesting) case of the skirmisher up in Scotland which even made national press. (More on that one later)

Given how I suspect no one would like to have a discussion with several kitted up police officers over what may seem to be a harmless picture the committee would like to recommend skirmishers give some extra thought when it comes to posting pictures of them playing Airsoft on social media.

We are not going as far as recommending our members to not post pictures of themselves playing airsoft, but that they should acknowledge any potential risks (which this topic in hand is an extreme risk) and act accordingly.

With social media, anyone within reason can see the content you publish. Give some thought as to how someone – who may not have even heard of Airsoft – would view your online presence.

~ David