Airsoft is not a single issue that would entirely inform any sane persons vote, obviously. But UKAPU is a single issue political lobby group so today the association needs to talk about #airsoft. Just bear in mind that you are voting for a candidate, not a party. So when you vote today spare some thought to how your candidate has treated airsoft players over the last term. Perhaps you are in one of these constituencies-

The Good

Hemel Hempstead: Mike Penning (Conservative)- Spoke up for the legitimacy of airsoft and our right to enjoy it when Lyn (below) attacked us, helped a great deal with getting through the airsoft exception in the Policing and Crime Act Mike Penning

Chelmsford: Vicky Ford (Conservative)- Prevented the European Commision from classing all airsoft replicas as firearms. Spoke in our defence on a number of occasions, was always on hand to discuss our concerns. Vicky Ford MEP

The Bad

West Ham: Lyn Brown (Labour)- Sneered at us and called airsoft players wierd, criminals, and terrorists. Tried to kill the airsoft exception in the Policing and Crime Act. West Ham Labour

Sheffield Central: Natalie Bennett, (Green)- Told a constituent that she aims to ban shooting in all forms. Wow. Natalie Bennett – Green Party candidate for Sheffield Central

The Ugly

Kingswood: Matt Furey-King (Green)- Ex Chair UKAPU and ex President European Airsoft Association . Is rumored that doesn’t put real plates in his carrier and uses .12’s he buys at the local market. Once engaged a 14 year old inside MED. Green Party: Matt Furey-King for Kingswood

Edit: I’d just like to clarify this post, for the benefit of future readers. It is in no way, shape nor form an attempt to influence a vote, it is just a summary of the issues that UKAPU have faced over the past couple of years. We are a neutral organisation/union – in so which we do not support one party over another.