An announcement regarding UKAPU leadership:

To follow on from the news of our former chairman Matt resigning because well, he’s been doing this for quite some time – it has been decided by the committee that the new chairman of UKAPU will be the previous vice-chairman, David Weston.

As I progress from speaking from third person to first, I can gladly announce that there has been a small reshuffle within UKAPU, with the South West representative (Tim Haines) simultaneously becoming vice-chairman – as well as an introduction of a new person into the fold, Robbie Hutchison – he’s our new Scotland rep.

We’re still looking for other roles but we’ll post them up in the next week or so, hopefully.

I would like to inform our members (and non-members alike) that despite Matt no longer being chairman, UKAPU will continue to thrive, and will continue to work with other organisations such as the Home Office, UKARA et alia to reach a position where all skirmishers are 100% knowledgable and safe, when it comes to legislation.

With regards to patches, I do apologise for the time that it has taken to send some out, there’s thankfully a backlog of a couple of dozen that should be all sent out in the few days. I’d like to thank our donor members for their patience – we are a purely volunteer society that are doing this for the benefit of UK airsoft.

As an aside I’ve been looking for a picture to stick on here, because it’s probably a good idea for our members to know who the new chairman is. I was going to use a picture of me from the Airsoft Showcase last year… but you’ve probably seen them before so I found this glorious picture of me behaving “inappropriately” with a “tactical” AK74 instead. (Sorry not sorry, purists)

David Weston

UKAPU Chairman