A clarification, of sorts, regarding the changes that WILL BE brought in by the Policing and Crime Act

Note the use of the words “will be” – despite it being passed as law, it is currently, for lack of a better word, hibernating, dormant – so, the situation as of this post is as it was before the Royal Assent was given. This is due to no commencement order being posted.

As we keep alluding to in various posts and comments, we’re still in discussions with the Home Office regarding various things that have come up, inclusive of GBBRs and HPAs.

Because of everything that’s going on in Governmentland, there’s no fixed date for commencement – when these changes become enforceable law. We’ve been informed, as of a rough guide, to expect perhaps a time somewhere in the second quarter of 2017.

Keep tabs on this page for more information, we’ll post more PCA related content when we are in a position to post things.

~ David, Vice Chair