Airsoft social network Airsoft Nation is launching on Friday, so make sure you sign up, help it set off with a bang! Fact of the matter is, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like firearms (although always has an armed protection team with him- I guess he just doesn’t like us having firearms) and he equally hates airsoft. We’ve been seeing more and more firearms and airsoft content being deleted by Facebook this year, I suspect we are creeping towards a full ban. Facebook don’t answer to anyone, its a private company driven by one individuals ideology, so we can’t fight it.

So, Airsoft Nation isn’t simply a tool dedicated to helping the airsoft community organise and play (I’m particularly intereted in how it can be used finding sites and game days, which I find is a pain sometimes). But AN is also a secure platform that could save us from decline and isolation when Facebook pulls the rug out. So go create a profile and get it rolling!