The minutes section of our website is now up to date, and includes our most recent meeting. We’re all about transparency.

2016 Minutes

As of the last meeting we’ve filled some more positions, and shuffled a few others;

Ben Simmons has moved to Student Representative.

Steven Morley (aka Wallace) is back on the committee and has taken Ben’s prior position as North England Representative (Wallace is on the committee but isn’t a voting officer of the association due to commercial interests- though his help is still much appreciated!).

We’ve split the role of General Secretary in two, so Lee Dempsey is now Registrar.

Andrew Cade has taken on the new Secretary position.

Tim Haines was elected South West Representative.

Paul Davis was elected East England Representative

Many thanks to the new guys for coming on board and keeping UKAPU running. We’re still after Reps for Wales, Northern Ireland and Midlands. And by the way in 8 years of running UKAPU we’ve never had a female on the committee, which is very poor, and something I’d like to see put right.

Matt Furey-King, Chair