Quick admin update from the UKAPU committee;

Alex Abramian has been elected to the committee South East England Regional Representative. Congratulations and thank, Alex. Minutes to be uploaded to website soon.

Also we’ve has such a run on memberships in the last 24 hours that our Registrar, Lee, has run out of UKAPU patches already! We now have more patches being made up and Lee will send off the huge pile of new membership packs when they come in.

Thanks for the push on the campaign everyone, this is a good start. Things are getting big fast though, so expect the other side to push back hard.

Finally I notice that we have more Facebook likes than members. Bronze membership is free and doesn’t take a few minutes, it’s not much harder than clicking a like button. If you are reading this you are more than likely eligible for membership, so get signed up if you haven’t yet, we need membership numbers to be able to make a difference!