Here is the UKAPU response to the firearms consultation, which will be taken into consideration when the final document is drafted for the Government.

Firearms consultation UKAPU response

For more information on the consultation proposals please read through



You may have noticed I’ve stepped forward as Chairman again. I don’t intend to hold this particular post long term but I will be involved for as long as is required to get the association back on its feet. The previous committee did literally nothing for the last year and subsequently stood down which is a tragedy when the association is needed more than ever. I’ll concentrate on overhauling the membership system and website and then will need committed volunteers to restaff the committee. There’s allot we can accomplish and the failings of the previous committee do not diminish the requirement for, or potential capability of UKAPU. ¬†Give our facebook page a like and I’ll endeavour to keep you up to date¬†

Thanks for your support,

Matt Furey-King, Chairman UKAPU