I am sure that by now, literally everyone in the airsofting world in the UK will have seen, heard of or been told about a certain email from a certain retailer proposing to reshape the very face of airsoft? I have spoken with Frank and various other people about this and watched and listened with interest to the internet chatter, facebook groups and even the occasional reasoned argument before giving UKAPU’s stance.

I have drafted a reply and it is with the committee as some of them are far better wordsmiths than I so their input is vital but please be reminded that UKAPU is run by PLAYERS for PLAYERS. We do not have any site tie ins or retailer sponsorship. No one informs us of our opinion; we make our own minds up for what we believe to be the best thing for players to be able to continue to play this hobby we all love so much.

As soon as the committee have okayed the official responce I will post it here, there and quite literally everywhere. No doubt some will agree and some won’t but if it continues to encourage discussion and progression then it is a good thing.

Thanks for your contuned patience folks!