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Airsoft legislation differs between each of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, therefore in order to assist you better, we need to know which is the relevant jurisdiction to your case. In the case of interactions with the police, this would be a case of stating the region that the police force is within, and in the case of importing airsoft replicas into the UK, this would be the region where the consignment has been requested to be delivered.
Please give a brief description of what your matter is regarding. In addition, please be advised that any information you put into this text field is not covered by legal privilege. In serious matters, this means that anything you post in here can be included in any prosecution – i.e. if your mobile phone is seized as part of an investigation and an agent representing a law enforcement agency has gained access to your emails.
We can only represent members of UKAPU or prepare representations on behalf of them. By submitting this form, you are declaring that either you are already a member, or you will become a member of UKAPU. You can do this at no cost through our website after submitting this form, if necessary.