In other news, UKAPU are officially heading to the National Airsoft Festival (NAF)

It’s high time to announce that we’re going to be officially represented at the National Airsoft Festival, and after years of skirmishing at NAF, we thought it’s about time to have a stand, nothing too fancy like having our own range (yet).

However there’ll definitely be shade – or protection from the pounding rain, if a repeat of last year were to happen, a chance to talk to some of the committee members who spend their time helping fellow airsoft skirmishers and possibly even a UKAPU members’ only raffle to boot.

So instead of blindly walking past our stand on the way to your gyros or coffee (like our Chairman, oops), come say hi, support this weird hobby by joining UKAPU, and maybe even win something.

On behalf of the UKAPU committee, we look forward to seeing you at the stand!