How To Join

Sign up

Annual membership is FREE (bronze membership) . However, running the association costs money, so we ask that you look at setting up a voluntary subscription when you sign up, which helps us cover costs and build a small fighting fund to help us defend airsoft.

  • Donate £5 (silver membership) and you will get a UKAPU green patch
  • Donate £10 (gold membership) and you will get a regular UKAPU green patch and our special UKAPU Desert patch

Please bear in mind that the Registrar is a volunteer that posts out welcome packs in his spare evenings, so don’t expect your patch to arrive in a few days as it would if you bought something from a shop. Welcome packs are shipped in batches so please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

Begin the membership process now by following this link.

Junior Members

Junior members are full members that are under the age of 18. As stated in the constitution, junior members may not necessarily be entitled to the full benefits of membership, however we don’t envisage many occasions when a junior member will not be entitled to the same advantages as full members, and we certainly don’t intend to discriminate against anyone because of their age.  Junior members are very welcome and can sign up via the same process.


Only airsoft players are allowed to join UKAPU as these are the people who’s interests we represent. We appreciate that others may wish to support UKAPU, but when we represent airsoft player to the government, media etc. we have to be able to say that all our members are players.

People who work in the airsoft industry are very welcome to join UKAPU, however they will not be entitled to a vote on the committee, as we try to ensure that UKAPU represents the players interests and is not influenced by individual businesses.