Author: Matt Furey-King

Matt Steps Aside

Matt Furey-King here. I’d like to announcing that I’m stepping down as Chairman of UK Airsoft Players Union. When I returned to the role as Chairman in 2015 my intention was twofold; to get the association back on its feet, and to make sure we had player representation throughout the Policing and Crime Bill passage. My return was only ever supposed to be temporary, the committee knew my intention from the start was to stand aside on the commencement date of the new law. So here we are. I’m pretty disappointed that the PCA is still an open subject, that we still need to push the government for clarifications in order to find out how to comply with the new law. There’s some grey area which I think will one-day spell real trouble for some poor airsoft player. As much as I’m dying to help with this situation, I have to call it a day and move on. Unfortunately, other parts of my life have been suffering due to lack of attention, I’ve been so distracted by all this airsoft politics going on these last 2 years. My girlfriend Po Ling has been very accommodating but even her impressive patience with me is wearing thin! So it’s time to get my priorities straight. The way I see it I’ve done my bit and to be honest other people now...

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EU Proposal 2015/0269- November Update

EU Proposal 2015/0269 to amend the firearms directive. Usual note- 1.this legal issue is not connected to the Policing and Crime Bill, it is a separate legal issue. 2. We are fully affected by firearms directive changes as we’re still in the EU and will still be in the EU when (if) a revised directive is implemented. 3. We, the European airsoft community, have gained astonishing ground (12 months ago this proposal was bringing the end of our hobby, the ban of airsoft replicas in Europe, full stop) but this situation is still not over, not at all. Our parent association European Airsoft Association has not heard any bad news about airsoft from the trilogue process. Hopefully that means airsoft, replicas and BFGs are still in the clear, as per the amendments from the European parliament which the EAA helped write (some of which was based on feedback from UKAPU members via UKAPU actually). The trilogues were held last month but it seems that there is still little agreement between the Parliament, Commision and Council. The parliament vote (on the final draft) which was scheduled for November 22nd is suspended. A new date has yet to be set. There are other talks going on about de-acts and firearms and the EAA will send representatives for airsoft where required. Catch up on the history of Proposal 2015/0269 here Matt Furey-King,...

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