Author: David Weston

Invitation to the AGM

I’d like to formally invite our members to The Gaol, in Oakham for the AGM of UKAPU for the period covering the calendar year of 2017. Date: Saturday, 13th of January 2018 Time: 09:00 (for entry) Fee: £35 Address: Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Rd, Oakham LE15...

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Wednesday Warrior

Name *We don't mind if for personal reasons you'd like to use a nickname/other moniker but please no call signs.OccupationYour view of AirsoftWe'd like to find out some more about your views on Airsoft. These will make their way onto an image to be published on this site and Facebook.Favourite siteFavourite piece of gearLast purchaseHow long have you been playing Airsoft? *How did you get into Airsoft? *What do you enjoy about playing Airsoft? *Do you think playing Airsoft has been beneficial to you?What advice would you give anyone wanting to play Airsoft? *PhotographsWe'd like to use a couple of pictures of you - please refer to the description for details.Picture of you in mufti *We'd like to have a photograph of you in your day to day life. If there are other people in the photograph please blank or blur them out.Picture of you playing Airsoft *We'd like a picture of you playing Airsoft, or at the very least, dressed up in your Airsoft...

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Amendment to be withdrawn

Folks, I’d like to present to you some good news from UKAPU, UKARA and the ATB. To quote the Chairman Matt, from our Facebook page: We have some great news for UK airsoft this morning. Lord Shrewsbury of the GTA has voluntarily decided to withdraw his amendment in regards to the airsoft exception from the Policing and Crime Bill 2015/16. This is the best possible outcome for UK airsoft. Lord Shrewsbury tells us he better understands airsoft now that he is properly informed, and that he is extremely keen to work with us and move forwards as a part of a unified firearms community. Please get word out and apply the brakes on this campaign, there’s nothing we need to counteract right now, the airsoft exception is not being questioned, and we certainly don’t want at this stage to create fruitless hassle for our valuable new ally. So to clarify, tweets emails and letters to Lords and Lord Shrewsbury should stop now. When asked to contribute to this campaign the response from the UK airsoft was phenomenal. You should feel proud of the good work you’ve put in. There was a tiny element that was abusive and even threatening towards Lord Shrewsbury and needless to say, this is totally unacceptable behaviour and counterproductive, we condemn this behaviour unreservedly. Those individuals have been reported to the Police and we hope...

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