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Information on the Police and Crime Bill 2015/16 and the EU Firearms Directive

We posted these on our facebook and are now available on our site. Scotland At the start of the year the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act came into effect. You don’t need a licence for any ‘barreled weapons’ which are non firearms. The policing and crime bill will define ‘airsoft guns’ as non firearms, but that isn’t law yet. Paul Cook, our Scotland Representative, has talked with Scots government and Police, and they don’t appear to have a set policy on power thresholds until the PCB is enacted. For now the police seem to regard the upper limit for airsoft as 1.3J for fully auto and 2.5J for everything else, same as the PCB airsoft exception and the old ACPO recommendation. The police are taking the new licencing law seriously, so make sure your airsoft sniper rifle is under 520fps with a .20g bb. If you have more questions on the subject, please join the UKAPU Scotland FB group   Northen Ireland Our members in Northern Ireland want to get an airsoft exception to the 1J energy threshold that mirrors the exception in the Policing and Crime Bill. This seems reasonable, asking the Northern Ireland Assembly to bring the law in line with the rest of the UK. We suspect that making this change happen will only be possible immediately after the PCB is enacted, so please join...

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UKAPU Management Meeting Minutes – December 2016

On the 20th December 2016, the UKAPU committee had their monthly management meeting. You may find the minutes below. We hope you all had a good new year! If you have any issues or questions you want to be asked at the next meeting then email the secretary at UKAPU December 2016 Management Minutes All the best, Andrew –...

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UKAPU AGM & Management Meeting Minutes – November 2016

On Saturday 19th November 2016, UKAPU hosted their annual general meeting, members day and management meeting. We would like to thank those who came to the event and we look forward to the one next year! The minutes from both the AGM and management meeting after the game day are now available to view online. UKAPU 2016 AGM Minutes UKAPU November 2016 Management Minutes accounts-feb-16-nov-16 UKAPU 2016 AGM Photos Thanks again to all those who attended and we look forward to seeing more of you in 2017! If you have any issues or questions you want to ask, feel free to email us at: Many thanks, Andrew Cade – UKAPU...

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UKAPU Management Meeting Minutes – October 2016

On Wednesday 19th October the UKAPU Committee hosted their monthly meeting. The minutes for this months have been published. Please follow the link below to the PDF.   If you have any questions about this meeting or any issues you want to be raised, please email   Meeting Minutes: October Meeting Minutes   Many thanks, Andrew Cade – UKAPU...

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