Author: Matt Furey-King

EU Proposal 2015/0269- November Update

EU Proposal 2015/0269 to amend the firearms directive. Usual note- 1.this legal issue is not connected to the Policing and Crime Bill, it is a separate legal issue. 2. We are fully affected by firearms directive changes as we’re still in the EU and will still be in the EU when (if) a revised directive is implemented. 3. We, the European airsoft community, have gained astonishing ground (12 months ago this proposal was bringing the end of our hobby, the ban of airsoft replicas in Europe, full stop) but this situation is still not over, not at all. Our parent association European Airsoft Association has not heard any bad news about airsoft from the trilogue process. Hopefully that means airsoft, replicas and BFGs are still in the clear, as per the amendments from the European parliament which the EAA helped write (some of which was based on feedback from UKAPU members via UKAPU actually). The trilogues were held last month but it seems that there is still little agreement between the Parliament, Commision and Council. The parliament vote (on the final draft) which was scheduled for November 22nd is suspended. A new date has yet to be set. There are other talks going on about de-acts and firearms and the EAA will send representatives for airsoft where required. Catch up on the history of Proposal 2015/0269 here Matt Furey-King,...

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EU Firearms Proposal Update

Update on Proposal 2015/0269, the proposal to amend the EU firearms directive (for clarity this is not related to the policing and crime bill, this is a separate issue with even greater potential consequences)- The proposal is currently in the Trilogue stage. This is a set of informal negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. During this process the 3 bodies will agree on what goes into the final proposal, from there it’s a yes/no vote on whether to implement the final proposal into the directive, after that the directive is implemented in national law. The trilogue is a tad secretive and we’ll not likely know the results till its done. The airsoft community has done what it can to influence the process. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what comes. The IMCO current draft of the proposal, based on the amendments voted on by the European Parliament, is airsoft friendly. But the commission’s document is essentially the first draft of the proposal, which wants to see all replica firearms classed as real firearms (and all firearms with ‘military appearance’ banned, to boot). They will find a mid point between the two documents. So we have to hope that the IMCO document is fully implemented, as far as airsoft is concerned. This should be the case, there doesn’t seem...

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September Minutes and Committee Reshuffle

The minutes section of our website is now up to date, and includes our most recent meeting. We’re all about transparency. 2016 Minutes As of the last meeting we’ve filled some more positions, and shuffled a few others; Ben Simmons has moved to Student Representative. Steven Morley (aka Wallace) is back on the committee and has taken Ben’s prior position as North England Representative (Wallace is on the committee but isn’t a voting officer of the association due to commercial interests- though his help is still much appreciated!). We’ve split the role of General Secretary in two, so Lee Dempsey is now Registrar. Andrew Cade has taken on the new Secretary position. Tim Haines was elected South West Representative. Paul Davis was elected East England Representative Many thanks to the new guys for coming on board and keeping UKAPU running. We’re still after Reps for Wales, Northern Ireland and Midlands. And by the way in 8 years of running UKAPU we’ve never had a female on the committee, which is very poor, and something I’d like to see put right. Matt Furey-King,...

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